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“A fantastic, important initiative”

Quality housing is a basic human right, say Archbishop Philip Richardson and Bishop Muru Walters – and they commend the St David’s Naenae community for their sit-in.

Archbishop Philip Richardson and Bishop Muru Walters  |  08 Apr 2017

Archbishop Philip Richardson and Bishop Muru Walters have spoken out in support of the St David’s Naenae protest.

They issued a public statement this afternoon, which reads as follows:

“An affordable, warm, and safe home is a basic human need."

“Everyone has a right to have a place they can call home, and a place that is safe and warm for their whanau/family.

“Thank you to all of you, families and individuals, who are participating in this 3-day ‘live-in’ demonstration at St David’s Church Naenae.

“Ordinary Kiwis caring about ordinary Kiwis. You are challenging us all to speak out and to act.

“You are shining a spotlight on the critical housing needs in your local community.

“There are critical housing needs that are not being met right across our country.

“This is urgent. We all need to work together; political parties and leaders, alongside tangata whenua, faith based and community housing providers, business, community and local government leaders, to develop a comprehensive plan to provide affordable and quality homes to New Zealanders, and develop a nationwide strategy to end homelessness in New Zealand.

“This is an issue facing all New Zealanders, and we all need to contribute to the solution. ”

+Philip Richardson, Archbishop and Primate

+Muru Walters, Bishop and Senior Bishop, Tikanga Maori