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Celebrating Tikanga Youth Sunday

Rosa Filoi gives thanks to God for the blessings of Tikanga Youth Sunday and her parish church.

Rosa Filoi  |  25 Oct 2019  |

Tikanga Youth Sunday 2019 - a testimony of God's goodness and faithfulness ❤

When I asked Rev Tim earlier this year if they celebrated Tikanga Youth Sunday at St Michael's, his response was "We will now".

I met Jordan at St Michael's when we celebrated Shrove Tuesday before Lent. And my sister Faith whom I've journeyed very closely with since early last year. We were blessed to be given a platform to bring together our gifts as an offering to worship and glorify God. Thank you Rev Tim.

Jordan lead a powerful and interactive reading of the Gospel of Luke with the youth group and Faith praise & worship - she even offered a song from her own home church. We sang in English, Maori, Samoan, Fijian and Tongan.

Our music leader Hayden was very generous in writing up sheet music where needed and Nate with the percussions. The story of Tarore of Waharoa was retold by Rev Mamari where she highlighted the importance of the teaching of the Gospel to reach others.

Tikanga Youth Sunday was a celebration and reaffirmation of God's call on our lives; our ministries and the good works God has prepared for us to do. No matter what age. Yes it is about young people and youth but it is also about reaffirming and a reminder of God's plan and purpose in the hearts of all. It is also a celebration of diversity as part of being connected as 3 Tikanga - being part of the body of Christ. We are not alone.

Jordan is half Māori, Faith and I Samoan and we have been worshipping in a Tikanga Pākehā church which is now another home to us.

As a young person still stumbling towards God and still seeking truth, I know that God's grace is sufficient for us all. And His love unfailing. And in that hope, may we, too, be gracious with one another and do all things in love as believers in this journey of faith. May we have fresh encounters with God so He can show us Who He is and who we are as He intended us to be through Jesus Christ ❤ 

Some lessons from this year's Tikanga Youth Sunday:
1. Young people need safe spaces to grow and learn and encounter God. We all stumble and make mistakes. Stumbling into a space where there is no condemnation except LOVE and where we can feel this overwhelming LOVE from God Himself - that is church and there the spirit of the Lord is because there is FREEDOM!

2. Young people need to be encouraged and trusted with opportunities where they CAN be used by God. Do not fear that they will make mistakes. Instead help them to seek God themselves and believe God can and will speak through them.

3. God uses anyone regardless of age. You are never too old or too young. You just have to be willing and say YES to the call.

4. God has prepared good works for us all to do. We all have something to offer. No gift is better than the other. Each is unique.

5. Platforms. If God has given you one and if you are in a place of influence use it for good. Use it to proclaim the Good News and lead others closer to God.

Remembering and honouring all those who went before us and paved the way for us.

A blessed Tikanga Youth Sunday 2019.

Special thanks to Rev Tim McKenzie and the St Michael's parish for welcoming us and allowing us the space to celebrate ❤ Vi'ia le Ali'i.