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Bishop Kito named Vicar-General

Archbishop Brown Turei appoints Bishop Kito Pikaahu as his Vicar-General.
• Archbishops apologise for remarks

Taonga News  |  15 Feb 2015  |  2 Comments  

Archbishop Brown Turei, the head of Te Pihopatanga (the Maori Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand), has appointed Bishop Te Kitohi Pikaahu as his Vicar-General.

Bishop Kito is Bishop of Te Tai Tokerau (the northern Maori tribal region), and a Vicar-General acts as a deputy and advisor to Archbishop Brown. 

The appointment, which was effective from January this year, means Bishop Kito replaces Bishop John Gray as Vicar-General of Te Pihopatanga.

Bishop John remains Bishop of the Maori Anglican Diocese of Te Waipounamu (the South Island.)

The archbishops stand by the apology they issued last weekend, in relation to comments made by Bishop John regarding other faiths and ethnicities.

“The archbishops have already made a statement that is clear,” says Bishop Kito, “and we are talking with Bishop John in a way that is simply about care and collegiality.

“The church believes those conversations are best to take place behind closed doors, for the respect and mana of all concerned.” 


Brian Thomas

Kia ora. And thanks for your comment, Paddy. The article above was written in close consultation with the leadership of Te Pihopatanga. Perhaps you should air your concern with them. If my memory serves me, Taonga has also carried articles written by you. - Editor

Paddy Noble

Firstly the whole thing with John Gray, was an expressed opinion of himself which goes to show how he really feels. And he's entitled to that. The thing is because he is a Bishop and a person of significant leadership he didn't choose his words well and it turned ugly.

Secondly I don't think all these roles and positions to appointment people to become the bishops advisor is anything important. The best people who should advising the Bishop are the ones who work with him everyday. And they are all based in Gisborne, not in Taitokerau.

Finally the person who wrote this peace is obviously out of touch with Maori affair's in the church and Maori affair's in general because he or she writes from an outside looking in position that is more about explaining, rather than reporting and giving an objective view. Nonetheless the Anglican Taonga was always like this. The people writing these articles are shocking and the writing style is horrible.