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Keeping up with the play at synod

Here's how you can stay in touch with daily developments at this year's General Synod at Waitangi.

Taonga News  |  08 May 2014  |  2 Comments  

Various moves are being made to help the wider church and society stay abreast of developments at the 61st General Synod / Te Hinota Whanui, which is being held at Waitangi from this Saturday, May 10, to Thursday, May 16. 

Each day a 'Synod Summary' email will include a few paragraphs on the outcomes of business items covered that day.

Plus there’ll be a rounding-off par which will sketch the coming day’s work.

The Anglican Taonga website is where you need to head for wider, in-depth reporting of Synod – as well as to catch photos and text that will give you a glimpse of the colour of the gathering.

The website will also provide a link back to the daily summary. 

And if you’re a fan of social media, we hope to be able to help there, too.

We’ll be on Twitter – with the hashtag #Synod2014 – and sharing photos via Instagram.

On our Twitter feed, we’ll be posting decisions and highlighting stories on the Taonga website.

The provincial Facebook page, Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia, will also provide updates on Taonga stories.


Bosco Peters

A question: is GSTHW14 having a live-video feed? If so, where is the link to this? If not - why not? A live feed is very easy to set up (see, and essentially free. Lots of people are doing this regularly. There is a public gallery at the meeting of GSTHW. This gallery is cleared if GSTHW needs to go into committee for non-public discussion - at such a time the live feed could provide ideas, or a link to prayer...

Bosco Peters


You mention there will be a daily email, but do not provide information how people can sign up for this.

Kua ara a te Karaiti!