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Taonga magazine survives quake

The Spring issue of Anglican Taonga magazine left the press only hours before Christchurch shook apart.

The Editor  |  13 Sep 2010  |  1 Comment  

The Spring issue of Anglican Taonga magazine is a quake survivor.

It was printed in Christchurch on Friday, September 3 – just hours before the city was shaken apart.

Glass from the ceiling lights showered the machinery at Toltech Press, but Taonga was already drying under cover in preparation for collating and stapling.

It's now winging its way to every ministry unit in the country.

We don’t feel good that the new magazine contains nothing about the quake.

But the Taonga website is on top of the disaster. At last count we had more than 20 quake-related church stories, and more will be added as Canterbury recovers.

We’ve also posted plenty of photos that you won’t find elsewhere.

As for Taonga magazine: look for it at your local parish this week.

It features:

• Taranaki’s success story 

• Katharine Schori’s tour of duty

• Our criminal prison policy

• What makes a good priest

• JC Sturm, pioneer of Maori writing

• Steam-driven clergy

• What the Bible says on sexuality

• The elusive Young Adult

• Winston Halapua's big day

• Plus all our regular columns on film, liturgy, environment and books


David Allen

I want to compliment you on one of the finest Anglican Church websites in the Anglican Communion. It is constantly updated with current news and information about your church.

I also want to offer two comments about editorial standards. The first was in an article about the visit of the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church and the proper usage of Episcopal and Episcopalian. The name of the church is always the Episcopal Church. A member of the Episcopal Church is an Episcopalian. It is improper editorial form to refer to the church as the Episcopalian Church. The same editorial form is also true of the Scottish Episcopal Church and its members.

The second is in regard to the Presiding Bishop's name. Her name is Katharine Jefferts Schori. If you check the Episcopal Church's news website you will see that consistently she uses two surnames and is always referred to with both, not as Katharine Jefferts nor as Katharine Schori. It is the editorial policy of TEC's news website to use her full title the first time that she is named in an article, and then to refer to her after that point by both of her surnames.