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RDC webinars foster climate hope

Dr Jane Goodall will deliver the opening keynote in a four-part webinar series on climate hope run by Aotearoa New Zealand’s Religious Diversity Centre this June.

Julanne Clarke-Morris  |  16 May 2023  |

This 14 June, Dr Jane Goodall will offer the keynote presentation in the opening webinar of a four-part webinar series on fostering hope in the face of climate change hosted by Aotearoa New Zealand’s Religious Diversity Centre (RDC). 

RDC climate working group member and Anglican journalist Rod Oram will host the series entitled “Building a Climate of Hope – E Tū te Mana o te Ao,” that can be joined on the Wednesday evenings of 14, 21, 24 June and 5 July 2023 from 7.30-8.30pm.

In her opening session, Dr Jane Goodall will share insights from her and Douglas Abrams’ recently published book, ‘The Book of Hope, A Survival Guide for an Endangered Planet.’ 

In ‘The Book of Hope Dr Goodall looks back on her lifetime of dedication to the natural world to garner strength for taking action on the climate crisis, and shares her enduring hopes for the natural world and for humanity.

The remaining three webinars are led by Rabbi Dean Shapiro who will interview academic climate experts; by members of the renowned youth climate activist group the Pacific Climate Warriors and by former UN Development Programme Director, the Rt Hon Helen Clark.

Each keynote presentation will be followed by a panel discussion involving people of diverse religions, indigenous people and youth. The series is scheduled to take place as follows: 

14 June Webinar 1

Hope for an Endangered Planet

Keynote: Dr Jane Goodall

(Author of ‘The Book of Hope, A Survival Guide for an Endangered Planet’ )


21 June Webinar 2

Hope for Aotearoa New Zealand

The reality of Climate Change for Aotearoa New Zealand

Discussion: Rabbi Dean Shapiro with Experts on Climate, Water, Health

Dr Jim Salinger, Dr Rob Bell and Assoc. Professor Alex MacMillan


28 June Webinar 3

Hope for the Pacific Region

The reality of Climate Change for the Pacific Region

Keynote: The Youth-led Pacific Climate Warriors


5 July Webinar 4

Hope for Our World

Keynote: the Rt Hon Helen Clark

Former Director of UN Development programme and

Editor of “Climate Aotearoa, What’s happening & what we can do about it?”

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