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Mission opens addiction care space

Wellington City Mission is opening a "first of its kind" alcohol dependents' safe home to care for people unable to access other homelessness services in the capital city. 

Taonga News  |  31 Mar 2024

Wellington City Mission has moved a former men's night shelter into a new role as a staff supported safe residence and personalised alcohol addiction treatment centre.

“This model aims to provide 24/7 wraparound support to those who might be turned away from emergency housing or other housing due to severe alcohol addiction.

Our focus is on ensuring people don’t fall through the gaps and can be safe, well rested, well fed, and well cared for no matter their situation.”  said Wellington City Missioner Murray Edridge.

Te Pā Maru is an alcohol harm reduction facility based on Wellington’s Taranaki Street, formerly the Wellington Men’s Night Shelter. Wellington City Mission saw the potential to transform this space into a safe space for people who are alcohol-dependent and experiencing homelessness and offer the first of its kind service for the country.

“We will be following a harm reduction approach and work closely with each resident to develop a personalised treatment plan that is tailored to their specific circumstances." Murray Edridge said.

"Since the official opening of Te Pā Maru in September 2023, we’ve been running a day programme and co-designing the programme with whānau (residents).

With this facility being the first of its kind in New Zealand we are committed to working closely with the community who will benefit from Te Pā Maru’s services to develop a programme that will cater to their needs and requirements. By actively involving residents in the design process, we hope to work towards an approach that is not only effective but also reflective of the diverse experiences within our community.” Murray Edridge said.

The Wellington City Mission have recruited staff to support the 18-bedroom facility operating 24/7 services with the first residents settling in on 2 April 2024.