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Prayer for Disabled NZers Hikoi

Here is Vicki Terrell's opening karakia for 'Te Hikoi o te Tūmanako mo te Whanau Hauā - Journey of Hope for Disabled New Zealanders' as they gathered at Parliament on Tuesday 23 March 2021.

Vicki Terrell  |  26 Mar 2021

E te Atua, God of the Universe,

We remember those who gone before us

Those who have died

Those who have died too young

Those who have died for lack of care 

We honour these people

Mourn their passing

Giving thanks for their lives

Tatou, tatou e


E te Atua, God of the Universe

Open up the space for us to speak in this place

To hear the realities that we live with the lack of adequate resources to live well

Endless explanation of our needs, battle systems to get our needs met

Give us courage to speak of and listen to this pain 

Together may we support each other to begin to heal

Tatou, tatou e


E te Atua, God of the Universe

Cover this gathering with peace, justice and mercy,

May we speak and listen

With open hearts and generous spirits

Together may we find a way forward

Flourishing together.

Tatou, Tatou e.