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Resolution on structural review

The full resolution asking Christchurch's Diocesan Standing Committee to move forward on a dramatic reshaping of its map.

Taonga news  |  14 Apr 2013

Moved: Lyndon Rogers. Seconded: Moka Ritchie

That this Synod:
1.  thanks the Structural Review Group for its work;
2.  receives the Draft Proposal;
3.  requests Standing Committee or its delegate to review the Draft Proposal, particularly in light of:

a)  Synod’s discussion;
b)  legal considerations; and
c)  further consultation with parish communities and ministry units.

4.  requests Standing Committee to bring Proposals for adoption by Synod at subsequent sessions.
5. That the next report be circulated a minimum of one month prior to the relevant Synod. 
(A. Bean, P. Thirkettle)

6.  Should Standing Committee delegate the review, it will:

a) Notify Synod members of its intent to delegate the review,
b) Call on Synod members to suggest to Standing Committee suitable persons to undertake this review,
c) Publicise to Synod members the names of those to whom the review has been delegated.
(D. Clancy, A. Spence)