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Solidarity with people of West Papua

Here is text of the 2016 General Synod - Te Hīnota Whānui Motion 28:  'In Solidarity with the people of West Papua'

Archbishop Winston Halapua, Fe'i Tevi  |  26 Jun 2019

By the Grace of God, that this General Synod/te Hinota Whanui 2016: 

Noting the recent developments at the global level where Parliamentarians together with the government leaders from across the world have come together in London to call for a vote for self-determination of the people of West Papua; 

Mindful of the strong support from the general public in the 3 Tikanga Church for the plight of the peoples of West Papua; 

Mindful of the human rights abuses in West Papua that are silenced by Indonesia; 

Noting the recent decision of the Parliament of New Zealand not to entertain a discussion on the human rights abuses in West Papua; 

Applauding the Primates’ continued vocal support to highlight the human rights abuses of the peoples of West Papua; 

Therefore, resolves to: 

1. Condemn human rights abuse inflicted by the Indonesian government on the peoples of West Papua; 

2. Condemn the illegal incarceration and the torture of the peoples of West Papua; 

3. Support the call for a UN controlled vote on the self-determination of West Papua to be held as soon as practical; 

4. Call on the newly formed Social Justice Advisory group to issue updated and informed briefs on this issue for the Primates; 

5. Mandate the GSSC to monitor this situation and discuss further action in support of West Papua as needed.