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Pasifika's perspective

Here's the unedited text of Motion 22 - the resolution which records Tikanga Pasifika's perspective on the blessing of same gender relationships.

Taonga News  |  09 May 2018


A Tikanga Pasifika Perspective on the Blessing of Same Gender Relationships


Mover:  Feiloakitau Kaho Tevi                                                                     Seconder: 


That this 63rd General Synod / Te Hinota Whanui:


Deeply mindful of the deep interweaving of cultural and religious values at the core of our Pacific societies that place a profound respect, and reverence for the belief in God and the belief in the traditional understanding of marriage;

Noting the constitutions of the respective Pacific Island Countries (Samoa, Tonga, Fiji) do not recognize any union between the same gender;

Receiving with deep appreciation the report of the Small Working Group and noting the proposed recommendations;

Recalling the outcomes of the talanoa on the report of motion 29 in the Diocese of Polynesia and notably at the Diocesan Synod;

Celebrating the core values of the 3 Tikanga Church of mutual respect and common journey;

Noting that the discussion and positions on same gender relations have shifted quite significantly in Aotearoa New Zealand over the last 2 years;

Mindful of the respect for the positions of the respective Tikanga of the Church; and

Noting with appreciation the willingness of the Tikanga Polynesia not to be an obstacle in the journey of Tikanga Maori and Tikanga Pakeha towards the blessing of same gender relations in Aotearoa New Zealand;


Resolves to:

  1. Accept the position of the Tikanga Pasifika against the principles of the report of the Small Working Group based on the above mentioned preambular clauses outlining the premises for the Tikanga Pasifika;
  2. Note Tikanga Pasifika’s desire not to hinder the progression of the recommendations for the Tikanga Maori and Tikanga Pakeha;
  3. Encourage Tikanga Pasifika to convene talanoa on this issue in its journey towards a greater understanding of the plight of minority groups in the Pacific region and to report back to General Synod of the outcomes of the talanoa series on this matter.;
    1. Promote greater partnership across tikanga with a view to nurturing and deepening Tikanga relations on challenging issues faced by our societies.