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Synod to review GSSC powers

General Synod has passed a motion that establishes a working group to review the powers exercised by the General Synod Standing Committee between meetings of Te Hīnota Whānui. 

Taonga News  |  28 Oct 2022

Bishop Andrew Hedge placed a new motion before Synod today which establishes a working group to review the powers of the General Synod Standing Committee.

The full motion follows below.

Motion to Review the Delegated Authorities of General Synod Standing Committee (GSSC)

Mover: The Rt Rev’d Andrew Hedge

Seconder: The Rt Rev’d Te Kitohi Pikaahu

That, in view of events in 2022 concerning the governance of St John’s Theological College and the actions of General Synod Standing Committee,

  1. This General Synod Te Hīnota Whānui establishes a small working group to consider the present adequacy of the provisions of Title B as regards the delegation of powers to General Synod Standing Committee, and report to General Synod Te Hīnota Whānui 2024 with proposals for canonical amendment if that is seen as appropriate.
  2. That General Synod Standing Committee, be directed to develop detailed terms of reference, and populate the working group, and that funds be made available from the General Synod Standing Committee, funds to support the working group.