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Ma Whea? debate into third day

General Synod continues to wrestle with questions about same-sex ordination and blessing - but an end to the debate is in sight.
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Taonga News  |  13 May 2014

General Synod is still wrestling with the questions about same-sex ordination and blessing.

But there are signs that the debate is drawing to a conclusion.

A nine-person working party is working on a draft proposal, which will be brought before the whole synod tomorrow, with a vote to follow.

Synod again spent this morning’s second session chewing over the options raised by the Ma Whea? Commission, and it returned to them again before afternoon tea.

Much of the time devoted to the issues today was spent caucusing in houses, which met in closed committee.

Shortly before afternoon tea synod reconvened in plenary session to ask a nine-person working group – comprising three members from the houses of bishops, clergy and laity – to finetune a proposal.

That draft proposal has been considered by synod ‘in committee’ so it cannot, at this stage, be reported.