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Backing Anglo-Catholic mission

The Diocese of Wellington is promoting the 2019 Anglo-Catholic hui for all who seek to strengthen Christian witness through the riches of the Anglican Church's catholic strand.

Taonga News  |  15 Apr 2019  |

The Diocese of Wellington has taken up the baton from Dunedin to host the second Anglo-Catholic hui at St Peter’s Willis Street from 15-17 August this year.

In 2018 the first Anglo-Catholic hui brought together Anglicans from the catholic tradition to share in beautiful liturgy, ministry education and networking to inspire Anglo-Catholic ministry as a positive force for the gospel in Aotearoa New Zealand.

This year Bishop Justin Duckworth and Bishop Eleanor Sanderson have broadened the hui scope to reach beyond Anglo-Catholic communities and have boosted the conference line-up with Church of England expert in evangelism, Christian formation and church growth, the Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell, Bishop of Chelmsford.

“We want to enable a new generation from across our province to come to the hui to experience riches distinctive to the tradition, be educated about it and so engage more deeply with God in Christ.” said Bishop Justin Duckworth and Bishop Eleanor Sanderson.

“We deeply appreciate that Bishop Stephen Cottrell is a significant contributor to areas of transformation which we are aiming to develop… in particular discipleship and evangelism.”

The 2019 hui aims to ‘evangelise’ the resources of the Anglo-Catholic tradition, particularly its focus on worshipping God ‘in the beauty of holiness’ in ways that build up Anglicans for social justice and social action, foster healthy Christian communities and renew the life of the church.

Five sessions in total will be led by keynote speaker Bishop Stephen Cottrell, while a distinctive Wellington flavour will come through a visit to the Home of Compassion where hui members will learn about Wellington’s ‘saint in waiting’ Suzanne Aubert. As in 2018, the programme will include daily Eucharistic celebrations led by attending bishops, workshops in building effective Anglo-Catholic ministry and mission, and time for networking and socialising.

To find out more, or to register for the 2019 Anglo-Catholic hui visit the: 

Wellington Anglo-Catholic hui registration page.